Lawrence Industries, Inc. is the World Leader in The Design, Tooling, and Production of High Performance American LEAD FREE Composite Window Hardware. Drawing on 30 years of Experience in Zinc Die Casting, Metal Stamping, and Injection Molding, Lawrence knows a lot about Quality Window Hardware. Lawrence is now Designing and Developing Cutting Edge High Performance Composite Products that will Exceed your Expectations for your Window Performance. The Lawrence Custom Blended Composites are Marine Grade and have proven themselves to be Superior to Metals in Strength, Impact, High Corrosive Resistance, and Superior Surface Finish.

Bio-Maxx Formulated for Maximum Performance!

Many Window Fabricators are quickly finding one way to obtain higher DP ratings is through the use of Composite Materials. We not only give you the benefits of Composite Technology, we give you Superior Designs that further enhance the Abilities and Appearance of the WIndow meeting the Demands of Today's Marketplace, as shown by Lawrence Products passing DP-50 through Impact!

Lawrence Industries uses Green Manufacturing Processes. Eco friendly, Low Carbon Impact  materials continue to be the Choice of Design Engineers around the world . We have the smallest Carbon Footprint of any Conventional Hardware Manufacturer.

In 2015 alone, Lawrence will displace over 5,000,000 lbs of Heavy Metals from the homes of American Families.

 That is something we can all live with!   

Why Green ain't Good enough anymore?

You can check your own product with LeadCheck test kits, available at local hardware stores. or Contact us for your FREE Lead Check Test Kit! Consult your legal counsel and or product liability insurance carrier for determination of your results. We are not scientists, metalurgists, or experts in lead, but here at Lawrence, we believe that 0% LEAD is the safest choice for your customers and family.

Lawrence Receives EPA Certification in Lead Removal! In order to familiarize ourselves with the needs and demands of the future of WIndow Hardware, Lawrence staff is now Certified and Ready to give you the advice you need to comply with EPA RRP Rules set to go into effect April 22, 2010!

It's Simple, Lawrence Delivers the American Made Products that your Customers Desire and Your Window Deserves.


Remember: We Don't celebrate Chinese New Year,

We Don't take Siestas Everyday,

We Make Hardware Son,

in the USA!