Lawrence Showcases LEAD FREE Composite Window Hardware at Recent Glassbuild 09 in Atlanta.

Dr. Don Robart, national sales and marketing executive for Lead Check demonstrated the use of Lead Check swabs in determing Surface Area Lead Dust at the Lawrence Booth.  

Dr. Robart also explained many new regulations that will affect the WIndow and Door Industry next year such as the RRP rules that dictate the Removal and Remediation of any Products that contain Lead in homes pre 1978 and or HUD projects.

SInce Lawrence products contain NO LEAD, they are becoming the First Choice for Hardware as the Consumers are becoming educated to the Problems associated with Lead Exposure, in aprticular children under 12.

Lawrence Hardware is Kid-Safe meaning No Lead, No Dust, No Rust!

In order to become better aquainted with new rules for Lead in the Construction Industry, Brandon Lawrence and Barry Lawrence are now EPA certified under RRP as a Certified Renovator. The new RRP rules go into effect April 22. 2010!

Verify Lead Contaminates with Lead Check Swabs

Quarantine Work Area 20 feet beyond Home

Perform Work in Masks, Respirators, Gloves, Worksuits, Glasses

After Work, Mop, Hepa Vac, Wipe, Recheck for Lead!

To date, Lawrence is the only mfg. providing all of the visible components Locks, Tilt Latches, and Vent Stops in the Same Material and therefore the Same Color!

Lawrence Products are a must for those attempting to achieve higher Dp ratings and Impact specifications.