Due To Overwhelming Response to the Lawrence World Famous Dry Rub, we are including some World Famous Recipes to go along with it. Enjoy!

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This Slab of Beauties was Submitted by Pit Master Chris Ballard of Deceuninck NA at his recent Family New Year's Eve Bash. Makes you want to Fire up the Old Grill and get a Bucket of BBQ sauce! WOW! Good Job Chris!

Lawrence World Famous Rib Recipe:

Take 1 Rack of Ribs, babyback preferred.
Remove the silver skin from the backside of ribs.
This skin is bitter and takes away from the flavor
It’s a little tricky, but worth the effort.

Find a pan that will accept the length of the ribs.
Place a wire rack in the bottom of pan to hold the
Ribs up off the bottom approximately ½ “.

Place ribs on wire rack,
coat ribs with Lawrence World Famous Dry Rub.
Get a six-pack of Domestic Beer.
Pour one beer in the bottom of pan, but
make sure it does not contact ribs.

Use Aluminum Foil and seal top of pan.

Place in pre heated oven at 250 degrees
Bake for 3 ½ hours exactly.
Remove Aluminum Foil and let stand.
Coat Ribs with BBQ sauce and place onto Hot Grill.

The Ribs are done, just char them and eat’em.
Use other 5 Beers to wash it down....................

Lawrence World Famous Wing Recipe:

Coat Wings with Lawrence Dry Rub.
Lay on Grill and Char each side. Do Not cook till done.
Drop Charred wings into deep fryer until done, (they float)
Remove and set aside.

Heat up Butter and Hot Sauce to Taste.
Put 1 Large Tablespoon of Cheese Whiz and Mix while Hot.
Pour Over the Wings..........Unbeleivable.

Deep Frying after charring locks in smoky flavor.
The Cheese Whiz thickens up sauce and takes it to another level.

World Famous BBQ Sauce: Unbelievable and Simple Family Recipe

2 Cups Light Brown Sugar, 2 Cups Heinze Ketchup, 1 Tbsp Butter, 1 Tbsp Black Pepper

Melt Butter in Pan, stir in brown sugar until dissolved, Pour in Ketchup and Black Pepper, Reduce Heat, DO NOT LET IT BOIL or it is ruined, Use at will!