Here are some helpful videos that show the advantages of Lawrence Composite Hardware. With the use of Superior Materials and Innovative Designs, Lawrence provides solutions for Window Fabricators across the USA.

1) Steelgray Cam- The Patented Self Adjusting Steelgray Cam gives you all the advantages of slotted keepers without the application and field problems associated with them. Automatic alignment of Locks and Keepers up to .200".

Click Here for Steelgray

2) Lock Test- In house comparison between Lawrence Composites and Zinc Die Cast Locks show the visual evidence of what Independent Test Labs have concluded, that Lawrence Composites perform up to 150% of zinc die cast.

Click Here for Lock Test

3) Bullet- Lawrence version of the popular routed in tilt latch made of High Performance Composites with Easy Clean Top are a hit with Consumers and Installers alike. Customers have reported significant DP increases with the Lawrence Bullet.

Click Here for Bullet

4) V Max Install- The Lawrence V- Max Casement Locking System will build any height casement with only 4 SKU's. Corrosion Proof, Twice the Pull in, Inventory Reduction, and Saves Money as well!

Click Here for V Max

5) Enforcer FER Lock- The Enforcer passes all the new stringent putty knife manipulation tests without the use of visual external devices like pushbuttons, etc. Looks great too!

Click Here for Enforcer

6) EPA Video showing how Contractor poisoned his Own Family with Lead, from dust brought in from jobsite!

Click Here for Contractor Poisons Family

7) EPA Video shows how Renovation poisoned her daughter in the house next door to renovations!

Mom and Baby Get Lead Poison

8) Simple Test Biomaxx vs Chinese Imports. Non scientific but Interesting!

Chinese Imports

9) RoBo-Sync Install Video