Lawrence Receives RRP Certification!

Brandon Lawrence and Barry Lawrence were in the first group of Official RRP Certified Lead Inspectors for Region 7 of the EPA's RRP program designed to Prevent the Contamination of Lead in the Home and in particular where it comes into contact with Children! Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate and will Registered with the EPA as an Official Lead Renovator.

RRP rules are Clear that Lead is Dangerous. Lead is #2 on the EPA list of Toxic substances, compared that to Asbestos at #78! RRP rules require Lead Safe Work Practices that include Respirators, Goggles, Personal Protectant Suit, Boots, Gloves while handling Products that contain Lead in amounts that show up in Surface Area Wipe Tests using Lead Check Swabs.

After construction is finished and in this case installing windows, the Contractor will Provide a Clearance Test to insure that there is no Lead Dust still on the Jobsite. This must be documented with procedures and pictures of the work in progress upon the completion. The Contractor must keep the Records for a period of 3 years.

RRP rules indicate that Contractors can be held liable civilly for a fine of $37,500.00 per violation and additionally a criminal fine for an additional $37,500.00, and even Imprisonment or all of the above. 

We encourage everyone to perform their own Surface Area Tests and consult their Legal and Product Liablity Experts for a final determination.  Since Lead levels may vary between suppliers and points of origin, we encourage everyone to use Lead Check and test their own products, and make their own conclusions.

Long Story Short: Why use any Product that has any amount of Lead in it, if you Don't have to? High Performance Composites are a 100% Kid-Safe Solution!

Complies with CPSC-OSHA-RRP-EPA-Lead Abatement requirements where Lead and Heavy Metals are concerned.