This is a major new product offering.  Horizon Series has No Visible Fasteners!

 The features and benefits are in the you tube video

Horizon Video

Low Profile Sleek Design

.437 and .688 x 2.060" built it

No fab changes

Pilot stud optional for exact location

No painted head screws

If plated, no plated screws needed

Insert cavity for Brand-On type Architectural finish plates (less than entire lock plated)

Can supply POP options that let customer pick and choose plates for home (retail)

Can be logoed on plates

Keeper screws can be hidden if mating keeper rails will accept, Face mounts are already hidden

Step 1) Attach Base Plate to Sash using existing fabrication using non painted screws.

Step 2) Slide Lock over Base Plate onto T Lugs.

Step 3) Audible Click onto Interlocking Tabs provides for Secure Attachment

If Disassembly should be required. Use a thin sharp tool to easily disengage Interlocking

Tabs releasing Lock from Base Plate.