All Lawrence Industries Sash Locks are 100% Color Matched with all of the Visible Exposed Hardware. Looks Like Powder Coated Finish!

GREEN? You Bet, No Metal, No Lead, Little Carbon Impact!

All Lawrence Locks feature the Benefits of the Patented Steelgray Cam. Misalignment Problems are Fixed, Forever with the self locating cam to keeper engagement. Imagine never having a keeper and lock misaligment issue no matter whether you install it incorrectly at the factory or the window installer gets it out of square. Slotted Keepers and their problems are History!

All Lawrence Locks Feature the Self Adjusting Steelgray Cam! Patent # 7,922,223

Equalizer Series- Composite Hooded Locks that Replace Nibbed Type Sash Locks featuring Self Alignment Cam. No need for Slotted Keepers! Patent #7,000,957

Equalizer Specs-Find the Right Equalizer for Your Application!

NEW! Patriot Series-Traditional Style Sash Locks with Exceptional Performance! Self Aligning Steelgray Cam Provides Secure and Ease of Operation even when Keepers become misaligned by Installation Errors by up to .200"! New Lower Profile handle gets you egress at smaller windows! Patent# 7,000,957

Genesis Series-Traditional style Sash Locks with Uncommon Performance! Self Alingning Cam will Provides Secure and Ease of Operation even when Keepers become misaligned by Installation Errors by up to .200"!  Patent #7,000,957

Many Fabricators have Incresed their DP ratings just by installing the Genesis! DP 50+

Genesis Specs- Find the Right Genesis Sash Lock for Your Application!

Genesis Face Mount Keepers

Legacy Series- Mortise Locks and Keepers for Wood, Composites, and Vinyl Profiles. Extreme Low Profile, Marine Grade, Traditional Look.

Enforcer Series- Anti-Pick Lock that passes Stringent FER tests even without an Interlock! Unique Cam Design is a Big Hit with Fabricators and Home Owners alike. Patent# 7,322,620, 7,000,957

Watch the Video!

Defender Series- Great Sleek Looks-Standard Cams

Crusader Series- Sleek Low Profile Design makes your window look great! 

Patent# 7,000,957

Sleek Design, Powder Coat Look, Made in USA-

Extreme Low Profile with Straight Handle

Extreme Low Profile with French Handle

New Impulse-Low Profile-

Lawrence is the ONLY Hardware Mfg. offering ALL Visible Sash Components in the Same Color, Same Material, and from the Same Source, the New Standard for what Windows Should Look Like.

Just How Strong is it? Here is an in house test comparing zinc die cast locks and composite locks. Independent Tests are available for corroboration.

 Always Have, Always WIll!

Locks are Patented by one or more of the following patents:

7,000,957- 7,322,620- 7,441,811- 7,922,223 or Patents Pending.