The Bullet is the Patented answer for Routed in Tilt latches. The Bullet is made from the same High Performance Composite Materials as All of the Lawrence Hardware for 100% color matching visble components. Rated at DP 65+, the Bullet is stronger than the window. Traditional Routed in Latches have been shown to fail at Higher Pressures. 

Housing-less Design allows the nose to have 40% larger cross section where it counts. Only .011" deflection at 180 lbs EACH!

Easy Clean Top is the Hottest feature that todays Builders and Consumers are Demanding. No Visible moving parts for paint and drywall to interfere with. Simply wipe off and continue.

Low Profile and Deep Fingerwell give the Bullet the Best Grip to Height Ratio in the Industry.

Seamless Integration- Fits the Same Route!

Sealed Spring Compartment- No Dust or Chip Interference!

Router Depth Friendly- 3 times the margin of error in routing

Patent# 7,520,541, 7,658,035 and others pending.

High Performance for High Impact Applications!

Bullet Styles- Choose One or Get one Custom Made!

Bullet Noses- All Standard Noses Available, We can even make ones that they cannot!

Bullet Backsets-Color Coded and 150% Deeper to accomodate router deviation!

How Strong Is It?- Test data



Traditional Style Routed in Tilt Latches